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This 4-day event of screenings, workshops, seminars, forums and focused networking allows creative and executive entrepreneurs in filmmaking industries to explore and exchange ideas on the themes, issues and trends driving converging media production.

The ION International Film Festival provides many excellent high profile opportunities for sponsorship through media promotions, festival publications (catalogue, posters, flyers, etc.), website, sponsors' board at the venue and at the screening themselves. By participating as a sponsor, an organization gains wide exposure to a wide audience that is educated and culturally aware.  

The ION International Film Festival also provides a unique opportunity for innovative companies to demonstrate their products, introduce new titles and describe their vision in breakout sessions throughout the event.

We look for dynamic companies seeking to promote themselves as well as new or existing titles or products at the festival.

Sponsorship Opportunities:

  • Individual screenings or presentations can be sponsored, for example Name of Film in association with ...(your company) .
  • There are opportunities to sponsor a distinct program, which can be named in association with your company, e.g. The Digital Program in association with ...(your company) .
  • A series of screenings can be named in accordance with your company e.g. ...(your company) early evenings at the Culver Studios .

Benefits to Sponsors:

There are other benefits, which your company would receive in return for being associated with the ION International Film Festival.

  • Tickets for screenings, which could be distributed to staff or clients.
  • Your logo would appear in the sponsor's page in the official catalogue and alongside the relevant films.
  • Advertising in our festival catalogue can be accommodated. The catalogue is printed in full color and distributed to all guests, patrons, members, press who attend the festival as well as being sent to many organizations around the world.
  • There are also opportunities for screen advertising, which can be accommodated at our main venues. This would be very exclusive advertising, as there are no other advertisements shown before screenings during the festival.
  • Company logos of our sponsors are displayed prominently during the festival, both in our catalogue and at the venue. Brand recognition is also available through our advertising campaign in national print, on our website and various other fashions during the festival.
  • Product sampling can, in most cases, be accommodated at the venues.
  • A link to your company website can be set up from the film festival's website, which receives over several thousand hits a year.
  • On-line competitions and promotions can be run in conjunction with the festival, which would direct patrons to your company's website and increase exposure of your company to the consumer.

We would be happy to discuss opportunities to suit all budgets and needs.

For further information on partnerships between your company and ION, please send an email with your contact information to

For more information on exhibitor product demonstrations, please contact as via email at



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