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We are indisputably in the midst of rapid change around the world. Information now moves at lightening speed. Our world is becoming smaller through internet advancements, satellite television/radio, and other media outlets. With information at our fingertips the cultural divisions are becoming blurred. Film is at the forefront of this global accord.

ION strives to bring awareness to individuals and organizations who are creating socially relevant films to positively impact our worlds. In an effort to fully engage an array of transglobal creativity we wish to provide a forum for everyone's ingenuity to be premiered.

This year ION will be held in the United States. In accordance with our efforts to bring about global unity ION will be held in a different international location each year. We will keep you updated as to future locations.


ION appoints independent selection committees to view all submissions for both pre-selection and final selection. The selection committee's comprise of industry professionals such as directors, producers, agents, film and ad executives and animators.

Eligibility and Rules:

1. Submission copies must be in DVD form (Region 1 ONLY), miniDV (NTSC ONLY) or VHS (NTSC ONLY).

2. Screening copies will only be accepted 16mm, 35mm, BetaSP, DVD (Region 1 ONLY) and miniDV (NTSC ONLY).

3. All feature films must be over 50 minutes.

4. Foreign language films must have English voiceovers or English subtitles.

5. Entry forms without payment will not be accepted.

6. One entry form per project.

7. Preview tapes and DVDs must be labeled with the Title, Runtime, Director and Language.

8. Test your project before submitting. Any projects that do not run all the way through will not be considered and submitter will NOT be notified.

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